Key reasons?

  • So you have an existing intruder alarm system?
  • It may be you are having some problems arming and disarming it this may be due to ware and tare of the remote keypad? I.e. numbers do not always register when you press the numerical keypad buttons?
  • You now may have pets and you want to arm certain areas with pets present in the property?
  • It’s a bell’s only system, and you want to be notified when the system has been activated?
  • Or simply you have it a very long time and its time to upgrade?

Well here are some benefits and solutions you may want to consider...

Control Panel, internal stand-by battery and external sounders

We can use your existing wiring and upgrade your existing panel, internal stand-by battery and external sounder as a package

Speech Dialler

You have just a bells only system, and you would like to be notified that your intruder alarm system has been activated?

We can connect a speech dialler to your existing intruder alarm system that will call and leave an audible message when answered this has to be connected to a local telephone line?

GSM Speech/Text Dialler

This unit does the same as above and more, does not only rely on a landline, but has a GSM backup? So your telephone line has been cut or disconnected then the GSM takes over!

This unit will notify you by means of speech/text/messaging.

Pets And Your Intruder Alarm Systems

Do you have pets? Would you like to designate an area in the home where the pets can roam the property while the alarm panel is set? Or do they roam the whole of the property?

Please Note: Pets and intruder alarm pet tolerant detectors! They are designed to tolerate a single four legged friend pet up to 25kg/50kg dependent on the device chosen, never the less they are designed to tolerate a single pet!

What they will not tolerate?

  • More than one pet a time!
  • Also they are not tolerant with birds flying around the house.
  • The two items above are excluded from pet tolerant device detection?