Why should I consider it at all?

  • So you have an Intruder alarm system that you use on a daily basis, have you considered that you may have it serviced from time to time, when did you as the owner last carry out some very simple tests?
  • This will help in the prevention of false alarm activations?
  • Also prevent alarm panels ringing at 3am in the morning? or during the day? when the electrical supply in your home/office has been interrupted?
  • Have your system checked over to make sure it’s fully functional and compliant to some of the latest local authority legislation, what is that exactly? That is the local authority noise environmental law!
  • So here are the Key Benefits?
  • Finally do you declare that you have an intruder alarm system to you home/office Insurers? If you do then you require a service certificate on a rolling 12monthly basis? Other wise your insurance policy may or will void!

Intruder Alarm Systems

  • Most important of all measure the main control panel’s internal voltages and check that they are within the manufactures specifications?
  • Test the internal lead acid stand-by battery for its efficiency (if this is low? Then it could contribute and be the noise environmental issue see notes above)
  • Test the functionality of the external sounder
  • Walk test the system make sure all your internal detection devices are working correctly, i.e. movement detectors, panic buttons, (smoke/heat detectors connected to your intruder alarm)
  • Speech dialler check that all telephone numbers are up to date and also test its functionality? And that you know how it operates
  • (Do you need a DSL filter connected to it? Well if you have recently had broadband installed after the installation of your speech dialler then that is probably a yes?)
  • Give you advice on how to avoid false alarm activations, and advise you on how to mange them?
  • Do you have user manuals for your system? If not we may be able to provide them for you