When did you last call the fire brigade upon hearing a fire alarm?

Just because you have a fire alarm system installed, it doesn’t mean you’re fully protected. Redcare Fire alarm signalling is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via a BT phone line. If your alarm is triggered - through accident or arson - the ARC is alerted within seconds and can summon the emergency services as required.

How protected do you want to be?

Different types of alarm systems offer different levels of protection:

  • ‘Bells only’ fire alarms - no more than an alarm bell which will ring to warn occupants to evacuate. Who will call the fire brigade when the building is empty?
  • Digital communicator - is where your alarm system is connected to an alarm receiving centre via a dedicated phone line. When an alarm is triggered, the alarm receiving centre receives notification and calls the relevant emergency service. A dedicated phone line is usually needed, meaning additional annual rental costs. Should this line be cut or get damaged it may not be immediately detected.
  • Redcare uses intelligent technology to actively check that your phone line is working and to detect any problems. Line cuts or faults are signalled to the alarm receiving centre within seconds. This tried and tested technology is provided by Redcare and was pioneered by BT.

How Redcare Fire works

Redcare Fire monitors property and premises every second of the day by actively checking that your phone line is working. You can choose from our two products to monitor your fire alarm:

  • Redcare Classic - the phone line is checked continuously and, if there are any interruptions, a warning signal will be delivered to the alarm receiving centre. This means that your alarm signalling can never be compromised without the knowledge of the alarm receiving centre.
  • Redcare GSM dual signalling paths - this uses two alarm signalling paths: the telephone line and a radio network. If one of these paths is attacked, or fails, the other continues to monitor your alarm regardless of which one fails first. Redcare Fire doesn’t require a dedicated phone line and will work on your existing BT phone line. You therefore save the cost of installing and renting an additional line, as well as incurring any additional call charges.

Put simply, Redcare Fire is ideal for all commercial/business fire alarm systems.