Fire alarm installations and the competent installer

As Competent installation engineers we install and service fire alarm installations.

Design and risk assessment

We only install fire alarm Installations that are designed from the relevant bodies, whom will carry out a risk assessment and design and mark up drawings specifically for you property, only then on approval of these two aspects may the installation take place.

We recommend that a risk assessment is produced and a design is put into place, this is normally the customer’s duty to carry out with approved drawings of the final layout of the building. Never the less we can appoint the latter to be carried out on the customers behalf, Subject to terms and conditions that will apply. From that information produced we then can install commission hand over the system and give the customer training on the daily use of their new fire alarm system.

Responsible person

The customer has to appoint a responsible within the company or premises so that person will be responsible for the daily inspection and logging of their system condition, and  that person will carry out a test, which is carried out on a weekly basis and also their findings are  logged in the fire alarm logbook.


We can undertake to service the system, normally depending of the type of premises the system may require servicing on a 3, 6, 9, 12, basis or a quarterly basis a 6 monthly basis or a yearly basis. Whenever a service is carried out we will issue a Certificate indicating our findings, and also complete the fire alarm Logbook accordingly.