CCTV services

Our CCTV installations go back over 20 years, we have gained the experience from planning a customers system, for their specific requirements, designing and making proposals to suit the site and its application, and finally to the installation and commissioning of the proposed system. Finally with the handing over of the system we give the customer training on the daily use of the system.

We install and service new and existing systems
  • Intruder alarm systems
  • Fire Alarms
  • CCTV Systems
  • Access Control

What types of installations and where

We cater for of all types of CCTV systems. We have installed many types of systems from single camera installations in a domestic installation to multi camera systems both domestic and commercial and also in industrial applications. We also install in schools, collages, lock up shops, car show rooms, wine bars, public houses, restaurants, , car parks, both internally and externally and more...

CCTV system types

Types of systems can vary considerably, from a traditional standard body camera in an external housing or mounted internally (external night vision only is only supported additional infra reds) and with a fixed or vari-focal lens, to an internal/external dome type camera.

The external types can also be of a vandal resistant type dome types, and also a bullet shaped camera types, all of which can support their own night vision by means of internal infra reds, anything from a few meters up to 20-metres or more is not unusual.

There is also a version called a speed dome, which comes in a shape of a dome camera, or also commonly known as a “PTZ” (pan tilt and zoom) this is a speed dome camera, which can be controlled from either the digital video recorder on board key-board or more commonly in commercial premises with a remote keyboard, all of which now can be obtained in high definition quality.

Digital video recorders

Basically a digital video recorder or sometimes known as a DVR is the main unit that all the cameras report back to and the all images are recorded on a HDD, the images can be played back and viewed by means of time and date, and its not unusual now for most systems to record up to one calendar month 31 days, all images required for evidence can be played back and archived on either a DVD disc inserted into the on board DVD writer or on board USB  slot by means of a USB Stick for evidence purposes. All images recorded have a time and date stamp.

CCTV remote viewing

We can configure your DVR (digital video recorder) and add the remote viewing feature subject to telephone line and broadband provider and subject to further conditions.

CCTV signage

All CCTV systems should have relevant sign or signage displaying that CCTV recording is in process and managed by the company name displayed on it.

CCTV servicing

We service all types of CCTV systems.