Access Control

Access control can come in various different forms, to control the opening of doors and also the controlling Lifts, namely building front entrance doors or internal doors in buildings of most types. It can be applied to doors in lock up shops, small offices, surgeries, schools, industrial units, and warehouses.

Types Of Access Control

From the simple lock up shop with a numerical pin pad (these can also come in a form of a very small electronic fob or swipe card with a reader of some description), located adjacent to an office door which during the day the door should remain secure, so if you like to access this door to gain access to that  area you then enter a valid pin code (or swipe your card/fob) this in turn when validated your access, and will release the door for a pre-set period which will unlock it and allow you to gain access to that area.

Larger Environments

Access Control can be applied to a busier and in a larger environment, this is generally in the form of a card reader system and a valid card, you swipe the card if its valid for that area access will be granted. This has the ability to be applied to larger installations with multiple users and different access rights to different doors  leading to specific areas, I.e., communications rooms (sometimes known as rack rooms or server rooms)?

Applications may be in i.e., offices on one level or over several floors, in Dr surgeries, clinics, schools collages, warehouses, and many more applications where, multiple doors require access control by various users with only specific access rights to nominated areas or specific areas, no matter how busy the environment is it is possible to apply and design a system to cater for your application.

Multiple Users

In larger environments we would recommend a network-able access control system. This has a PC front end, this allows from the PC the control of all doors, any time of day or night daily, during the week, or specifically only on week ends?

This is only possible with card holders whom have been granted rights to that access level, these cards can be programmed from the PC based software, and the associated hardware namely card programmer, this is generally possible for anyone with basic PC skills to add delete cards suitable for the individuals permitted accessible areas.

Access to Doors And Access to Lift Control

Access control systems with the issue of cards can be used any number of doors, also control access control can be applied to a lift or more than one lift, this will only allow the lift to go to the floor and open the doors at that level with the relevant card holder whom has those access rights.