VXHAHDM-4 is a four channel professional DVR that can record up to 1080p resolution video footage on all channels. Compatible with all AHD, HD-TVI and traditional analogue cameras, the DVR offers a range of features suited for the most security-sensitive requirements including remote monitoring station integration, P2P connectivity for remote viewing on smartphone and tablets and compatibility with the license-free iPims VMS.

Key Features:


  • 4 Channel Professional DVR
  • Analogue High Definition
  • Analogue - AHD - TVI Compatible
  • 1080P Realtime
  • Instant Playback
  • Smartphone APP (IOS/ANDROID)
  • HDMI and VGA Output
  • Remote viewing via Concept Pro App
  • Instant playback
  • Thumbnail search
  • Up to 4TB HDD
  • Power Consumption: 13W 


    Sequrinet enables Installers to add Enhanced Password Control (EPC) to their Professional recorder systems, ensuring our Concept Pro recorders are the most secure on the market. This prohibits the use of easily infiltrated passwords by ensuring a user creates their own complex password to access recordings stored using our secure European server.

    Professional Remote Monitoring

    Allowing installers access to repeat revenue streams, remote monitoring integration is available on all Concept Pro professional recorded to stations using Immix Cloud and Sentinel platforms.

    iPims-License Free Software

    iPims is a powerful, license-free video management software solution that can connect to all Concept Pro professional IP, AHD and Analogue CCTV recorders and record footage from up to 256 recorders regardless of platform.

    Concept Pro App displaying P2P Networking

    Secure P2P Networking

    Utilising a Secured European server, P2P is the simplest way to connect a Concept Pro professional recorder for remote viewing on smartphones and tablets.




    Other Features:

    • Colour coded GUI
    • AHD 2.0
    • Seamless Integration with Concept Pro Products
    • Reserve Data Management
    • 1080p HDMI Output
    • Mouse & Remote Control included 


Download this file (VXHAHDM4_DATASHEET.pdf)VXHAHDM-4[ ]230 kB
Download this file (VXHAHDM8_DATASHEET.pdf)VXHAHDM-8[ ]261 kB