M Series

The H.264 digital video/audio recorders are designed for use within a surveillance system with limited space, and are a combination of a hard disk recorder, a video multiplexer, and a web server. To achieve the highest inter-connectivity and inter-operability, this series of digital video/audio recorders are all based on industry-leading front-end to back-end surveillance infrastructure.

With state-of-the-art system architecture, powerful compression/decompression engine, and intelligent recording algorithms, sixfold operation can be easily achieved without sacrificing the increasing demands of functionality, performance, reliability, and availability in the surveillance industry.


  • Up to 8/4 color and/or B/W cameras can be connected
  • Real sixfold operation - simultaneous record, live, playback, backup, control, & remote access
  • Record capabilities:
    • Full-D1: up to 60 (NTSC) / 50 (PAL) IPS (Images Per Second)
    • Half-D1: up to 120 (NTSC) / 100 (PAL) IPS
    • CIF: up to 240 (NTSC) / 200 (PAL) IPS
  • Realtime live display, 30 (NTSC) / 25 (PAL) IPS, for each channel
  • 1st Stand-alone DVR with 3-D de-interlace and de-noise
  • Event recording, time-lapse recording or both
  • Playback search by time or event (alarm, motion, & video loss)
  • Powerful alarm processor with configurable triggering conditions and reactions
  • One 3.5” SATA hard disk drive with storage > 2TB
  • Support Advanced format HDD developed by Western Digital
  • Video/audio backup to USB2.0 storage devices, including pen drive, DVD+RW, DVD+R, and DVD-R
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-level password and authentication key protection to ensure high degree of security
  • Streaming video for mobile phone or PDA, no Apps required
  • H.264 Baseline Profile video compression/decompression with configurable quality
  • ADPCM audio compression/decompression
  • Playback capabilities:
    • Full-D1: up to 60 (NTSC) / 50 (PAL) IPS
    • Half-D1: up to 120 (NTSC) / 100 (PAL) IPS
    • CIF: up to 240 (NTSC) / 200 (PAL) IPS
  • Smart search & playback
  • Versatile display formats: full-screen, 4, 7, and 9 split windows
  • Digital zoom, X2 & X4
  • Intelligent motion detection with programmable area and sensitivity
  • Ethernet interface for remote access through web browser or proprietary remote software, remote alarm notification, FTP video/audio storage, remote setup, and remote software upgrade
  • Free DDNS server
  • 1 I.E./Firefox software for unlimited number of DVRs
  • PTZ control capabilities & RS-485 keyboard control capabilities
  • GPS support
  • POS support
  • Support mouse operation
  • N-Streaming internet/intranet remote access


The VIO-8 is a 8 channel H.264 DVR with sixfold operation – record, live view, playback, backup, control, & remote access. The VIO-8 is suitable for any budget application.


The H.264 compression format is network friendly, lowering the demand for bandwidth over a local area network or remote connection.

User-friendly GUI

A user-friendly GUI gives easy access to all of the Viola H.264 DVR functions. Every Viola H.264 is easy to install, program and operate. The Viola DVR series delivers simple, reliable performance.

Recording Frame Rates

Individual recording frame rates can be applied to each channel of a Viola H.264 DVR. For example, some cameras can be set to record at 3 FPS while others can be set to record at 6 FPS, which maximises efficient use of the Hard Disk Drive. The Viola H.264 makes ultra-fast change between recording rates which minimizes the loss of frames
during transition.

Recording Quality

Resolutions of 360 x 288 (CIF), 720 x 288 (2CIF/Half D1) or 720 x 576 (4CIF/D1) can be configured for maximum recording quality, high quality standard settings or to  increase the amount of recording time on the Hard Disk Drive

Recording Playback

The Viola H.264 DVR can playback all channels simultaneously. This allows a user to review footage using all cameras to see an event from every angle.

Remote Connection

The Viola H.264 DVR can be connected to remotely via web browser on a PC or Smartphone, client programme or central monitoring software.


Footage can be archived by USB stick or external HDD/DVD or by remote connection to local PC HDD.


Download this file (Viola_8_Ch_NEW Datasheet.pdf)Viola_8_Ch_NEW Datasheet.pdf[Viola 8 Datasheet]178 kB
Download this file (Vio_m4_m8_User_Manual.pdf)Vio_m4_m8_User_Manual.pdf[Viola m4-m8 User Manual]7190 kB