More powerful, more flexible, more customisable

Menvier Security has a strong heritage producing high performance intruder alarm systems. For many years it has been the ‘go to’ product range for large installations with sophisticated building services integration. Its advanced zone control and extended output options enable detailed customisation of systems to meet customers’ exacting requirements.

The new Menvier range builds on this history to offer the performance and flexibility customers expect. All the panels have onboard Ethernet providing a web browser interface and local networking capability. End stations have been designed to house a minimum of one 17Ah battery capacity (two in the Menvier300) and give a full range of customisable and programmable output options.

All the panels offer an enhanced range of zone options including shunt key and shuntable zones. The panels also support the configuration of zone resistance and supervision settings by individual zone to enable faster system takeover.

Menvier panels support both wired and radio expansion. The radio system used is the secure 868MHz narrowband radio solution shared with other security products. This is carefully controlled using high performance electronics to give the greatest range and reliability available on the market.

The new Menvier range is PD6662:2010 and BS8243 compliant, giving you confidence that the systems will meet the very latest standards.


Ideal for smaller PD6662:2010 grade 2 or 3 installations, the Menvier40 offers advanced flexibility and configuration, with 10 zones on the end-station, expandable to 40 through wired and radio expanders over five wards.

The system can accommodate 100 users each able to use PIN, Prox and remote control to set the system. The panel will also accept an additional HUD device per user. The Menvier40 is supplied for easy installation with two distinct parts, end-station for first fix and separately packaged PCB on a clip-in carrier.


The Menvier100 has been designed for mid-sized installations at PD6662:2010 grade 2 or 3, its 100 zones can be configured over 10 wards through radio and wired expanders. The Menvier100 accommodates 250 users and, using the radio expanders as portals, provides unrivalled hold-up device coverage and set and unset range for the remote control in addition to the PIN and prox setting options.

The panel is supplied for easy installation with two distinct parts, end-station for first fix and separately packaged PCB on a clip in carrier.


The Menvier300 uses a larger metal box which can accommodate up to two 17Ah batteries. It offers 300 zone capacity across 20 wards and 500 users at PD6662:2010 grade 2 and 3. Expansion is delivered through wired expanders; EXP-W10 and EXP-PSU and radio expanders; EXP-R10 and EXP-R30.

System outputs are fully customisable using the enhanced web-server interface either directly onto the panel or over a local network connection. Like the other panels in the range the Menvier300 has a full suite of setting, unsetting and hold-up devices.


The Menvier Range has a full complement of peripherals and detection devices to support installations. All products are compliant to the latest standards and all are compatible with the full range of panels avoiding incompatibility issues and ensuring smooth and easy installations. Radio devices all use Cooper Security's secure 868MHz narrow band radio developed over 25 years to be the most advanced solution and ensure the signal is communicated first time every time.

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