For residential & small commercial applications

A haven of peace and security - that’s what your home should be, but when it really matters it’s best to be safe, not sorry. An unprotected property is a vulnerable one at any time, day or night. Every home needs the protection of a reliable alarm system, but sometimes people are put off by the prospect of false alarms or complicated setting procedures.

At Honeywell we understand these concerns. Honeywell ADE Optima and Accenta products have been installed in over 3 million homes in the UK. The Gen4 range offers the installer the reliability of a wired system, conforming to CE specifications, and offers a wide range of accessories in a cost-effective package.

It's user-friendly LCD keypad with intuitive menu interface makes installation, programming and operation easy.

Homeowners will feel safe and satisfied with their robust, easy to operate Gen4 security system.

8 Zones

Each one is separately identified on the keypad and provides ample security detection for most domestic properties.

Fire Zone

Zones 7 and 8 may be programmed as a 24 Hour Fire Zone operating all of the time except during engineer mode.

3 part set programs

Allows three programmed setting levels dependent on the people in the property or the level of protection required, e.g. night-time with upstairs detectors off and perimeter detectors on.

Simple set readers for ease of operation

Up to 4 stylish readers can be used to SET/UNSET the system using a proximity keyfob. Ideal for young, elderly or disabled users.

Personal attack facility

3anic Alert (PA) buttons may be used to activate the system in an emergency. An additional PA facility exists on the remote keypads. Up to four slimline keypads can operate the system from any point in the property.

5 Digital-Outputs

For a wire-in digital communicator, RedCare STU or Speech Dialler. This allows the system to send messages to the homeowners phones. (not fitted on Optima Compact Gen4).

LCD Keypad

The LCD remote keypad operates with the Accenta and Optima Gen4 intrudersystems. Up to four LED or LCD keypads can be connected to the system. The large 2x16 characters with backlight display provide a full status indication and the keypad plays entry and exit tones.


Can be used to select a low security chime alarm for various areas of your house, even when the main alarm is turned off. When a door is opened or a detector triggered in an area set to chime, the control panel will deliver a low-volume ‘bing-bong’ sound to alert you. This is ideal for areas that require low level monitoring.

250-event log

The last 250 events to have occurred are stored in the memory and can be displayed, with their date and time, on the LCD remote keypad screen.

Duress Code

Allows the user to unset the system and silence the alarm under duress, using a second code that will communicate an alarm to an Alarm Receiving Centre.

Zone names selectable from the library

This option is accessible from the LCD remote keypad and allows the installer to assign descriptors from a 22-name library to each of the eight zones.

Built-in tamper control

To protect all wiring and detectors in the system from unauthorised access including the control panel and remote keypad covers.

Icon Keypad for ease of use

Now supplied with icon keypad for ease of use particularly for users with visual impairments or those whose native language is not English.


Download this file (ade g4 with LCD keypadHSC-GEN4-02-EN(0610)SB-E.pdf)ade g4 with LCD keypadHSC-GEN4-02-EN(0610)SB-E.pdf[Gen4 LCD Keypad Brochure]368 kB