Integrated intrusion and door control panel range

The Galaxy® Dimension series of security systems is a fully integrated intrusion and door control security solution for mid to large commercial security installations. it offers your customers a user-friendly system in a cost-effective and fully compliant package. An innovative wireless capability offers high quality, reliable security solutions, with the flexibility to meet the needs of every commercial and industrial application.

Go wireless

Cabling can be impractical due to building aesthetics, or simply too expensive. By removing cabling, significant savings can be made on the total installation cost, particularly on larger installations. For users a wireless solution is less invasive and minimises disruption to their business. Galaxy Dimension's wireless options can be used with, or as an alternative to a wired solution, providing installers with additional business opportunities and significant cost and time savings.

A secure and reliable solution

Wireless is enabled using patented control panel software and up to eight RF portals in an installation. Our unique bi-directiona| radio and agile routing technologies, combined with Galaxy/5’ reliability ensures that the wireless sensors and the control panel can talk to each other using the strongest available signal path. This, plus the sensors‘ 2km radio range in open field, makes our wireless solution a far more reliable and secure system, even for commercial environments.

A full range of wireless sensors offering new capabilities

Our comprehensive range of wireless peripherals is compatible with our core Dimension, Flex, G2 and Domonial intruder alarm panels. The wireless sensors address all of the needs of an intrusion system plus more with environmental, life safety and perimeter options. Key to this offer is our wireless DUAL TEOE’ sensor, which extends the benefits that dual technology provides in false alarm reduction to cover commercial environments. Two-way wireless key fobs allows users to instantly set or unset the system from in or outside the premises and view system status.

This helps reduce user error and related false alarms. For installers, this full portfolio opens up new market opportunities and additional revenues. For users, it means greater reliability and the flexibility to customise the system to meet business needs. Furthermore, it saves the time and cost of installing cables, and minimises false alarms leading to lower intervention costs.

The right choice

Galaxy Dimension enables you to offer your customers a user-friendly, integrated security solution that will meet all of their needs. Honeywell provides sales and marketing support and organises frequent training to boost system understanding and to ensure trouble-free installations every time.

Galaxy Dimension has been updated and independently tested to ensure compliance with EN50131-3:2009, EN50131-8:2008, PD6862:2010.

Integrated solutions

Galaxy Dimension offers enhanced door control features within a single, integrated system. For the end user, it's easy to operate. For the installer, it's easy to programme, commission and maintain. Plus, a single system means one point of contact for customer and technical support.

Galaxy® Dimension integrates with WiNPAK® access control platform from Honeywell so that businesses can expand as they grow to full access control functionality managed via one single WiNPAK user interface.

Smart user interface

Using Galaxy TouchCenter false alarms are reduced as operation and system management are greatly simplified for users. lts large customisable colour touch-screen and intuitive menu gives clear, easy to read operating instructions; its integrated proximity function allows quick and secure setting and unsetting without the need for a PlN; and on screen help files are available at your fingertips. lnstallation and programming is easy, and installers benefit further from reduced training time and fewer engineer call outs. Enhanced controls allow centralised operation of lights, heating or electronic window blinds, either manually (using the touch screen) or automatically (via timer control).

Programming software compatibility

The Remote Servicing Suite (RSS) is a maintenance tool enabling complete remote control of the panel, allowing installers to give customers instant support. lnstallers can complete remote routine inspection reducing the need for time consuming and costly site visits. The RSS software uses a common database to communicate with all Galaxy/5’ panels from one programme. A networked version of the Remote Servicing Suite offers access to up-to-date records for all users. This guarantees the secure management of information in one central location. Both wired and wireless components can take advantage of the easy remote diagnostics and maintenance functionality in this software.

Flexible & reliable communications

To ensure fail-safe communications, multiple path communication options for alarm signalling include GPRS, Ethernet and standard telephone line (PSTN). These options also allow maximum flexibility and customisation to capitalise on existing network infrastructures and minimise disruption for customers.

Audio verification (‘Listen-in’ Facility)

With the new Galaxy/5’ Dimension, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) can listen in using independent audio channels to identify the specific location where the alarm has been triggered and verify source and cause. This reduces false alarms and increases system reliability.

Download this file (galaxy dimension data sheet HSC-Dimension-08-EN(0512)DS-C.pdf)galaxy dimension data sheet HSC-Dimension-08-EN(0512)DS-C.pdf[Galaxy Dimension Datasheet]805 kB