The new G2 series - Built on Galaxy® Technology

Honeywell empowers you to make the best security decisions for your business.

With expertise in every area of security, Honeyweii provides discreet, hi»technoiogy, integrated security soiutions. We are one of the worid’s iargest security manufacturers and understand your need to keep your peopie, premises, assets and inteiiectuai property safe and secure.

Our solutions are developed according to the concept of ‘integration by design’. By this, we mean that integration is not an afterthought and products are not simply ‘connected’. Instead, from the very beginning of the development process, we listen to our customers. We ensure that our world class security products are designed ‘from the ground up’, so that they will function seamlessly as a fully integrated security management system.

G2 features

  • 12 zones on board as standard (up to 44 (*) )
  • Remote Routine Inspection capability
  • Support for GSM module (*)
  • Support two-way voice devices (*)
  • Two-way RF portal supports range of bi-directional Wireless peripherals
  • On board modem dialler as standard
  • Support for Ethernet module
  • Supports badge reader
  • Compact metal case
  • Groups/partitions with programmable keypads to split system operation

(*) on G2-44+ version

Simply effective

Honeywell's G2 security system is a versatile and easy to use intruder alarm solution for small and medium-sized businesses, and covers most security needs.

This straightforward hybrid system is based on our superior Galaxy® technology - the most advanced commercial security solution of its type. The G2 system complies with the regulations required for police monitored systems and is designed to be simple to install, maintain and control.

Our upgraded G2 security system offers small and medium-sized businesses reduced risk and improved customised asset protection. It is the most effective and most convenient way of meeting your security requirements as it provides the flexibility of a wired, wireless or hybrid solution With the new wireless solutions
available, interruptions to your business from installation and ongoing servicing can be minimised.

Wireless convenience

Going wireless means less disruption to your business and enables you to place wireless sensors in areas where cables would be impractical. Commercial premises are open to the scrutiny of prospective intruders and therefore require the fastest possible security detection.

The exciting range of new wireless offerings available with the G2 series adds an extra level of security and reliability to the system. Using wireless peripheral devices minimises any disruption to your business, as installation is much faster than for wired systems.

New wireless DUAL TEC® and break glass detectors provide quicker detection, which enables a faster reaction to alarms. Their advanced detection technologies ensure that any alarm is triggered by a genuine intrusion. This minimises false alarms and the associated inconvenience and intervention costs.

Up to three alarm systems in one

In a multiple system environment (such as landlord/tenant installations) the G2 system is a flexible, cost»effective system, as it can operate as up to three independent subsystems in addition to a common area.

Subtle installation footprint

The G2 series has a compact design and can be used with wireless peripherals and a GSM network. It is therefore ideal for installation in specialised environments or where a wired system is impractical or would be unsightly.

Wireless reliability

The G2 series uses bi-directional radio technology, which gives improved signal success, delivering improved system security and reliability. This is because the wireless sensor will keep sending a signal until it receives an acknowledgement from the system. This also reduces the costs associated with intervention, as the system is far more reliable.

Flexible communication network connections

Our innovative G2 technology supports mu|ti»path signalling by utilising telephone, mobile and Internet networks. This improves system security by offering increased alarm signal success in the event of a landline failure. This means that our system can connect in different ways for alarm signalling and remote servicing. It can even be managed from an alternative location.

Your choice of response

G2 supports instant alarm signalling, used to trigger a police response. Your alarm receiving centre can be given immediate |isten»in capability following an alarm, so that it can quickly verify that a genuine intrusion has occurred. You can also receive SMS alerts, providing low cost monitoring direct to your mobile.

Managed Access Control for any size of business

For additional protection for high value areas, a cost » effective access control facility can be integrated and programmed into your security system. Its simplicity of use also allows simultaneous access and setting/unsetting, using authorised cards without the need for a code.

Installation and inspection

Honeywe||’s continuous training programme ensures that our security installation partners have all the tools they need to optimise your system from conception through to completion.

With the G2 (as with all Honeywell control panels), all ofthe wireless and wired sensors are fully monitored, using the automatic Remote Routine Inspection facility within RSS (which reduces the need for servicing). This will allow your installation company to carry out routine maintenance from their location, saving you time and adding convenience. Welcome to the G2 experience!

Wireless versatility

One of the wireless peripherals available with the G2 series is a bi-directional key fob. This allows you to control and verify the status of your system at any time, from either inside or outside the building.

Our unique radio technology ensures that the G2 is protected from being triggered by false radio communication, as each time the system is set, the key fob transmits a unique signal to the panel.

Added protection

The new additions to the G2 wireless range of peripherals enable you to protect your business from risks other than intrusion. For instance, the new flood and temperature sensor gives an early warning of a potential flood or an unacceptable change in temperature.

This enables you to intervene at an early stage to minimise the damage and disruption caused by floods orfaulty appliances. Because it is wireless, it gives you the flexibility to place the sensor anywhere, according to your business needs. Similarly, smoke detection can be integrated into yoursystem, protecting both your assets and your people.



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